This Travel Alchemy activation is for you if...

  • You have an undeniable urge to travel, but you're mentally, physically, and emotionally drained and burned out

  • You're the backbone of the family, there to make everything happen for everyone else, but your self-care takes the backseat

  • You know travel will bring the excitement back to your life, but you don't know where to start and have no clear plan

  • You used to be so optimistic and ambitious about life, but your spark has now faded into frustration

Course Outline

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    3. Suggestions for course success

    4. Key concepts in this course

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    1. Stage 1: Realization "What and Why" Lesson

    2. Stage 1: Realization "How to Solve" Lesson

    3. Stage 1: Realization "Take Action" Lesson

    4. Stage 1: Realization "Story Time"

    5. Stage 1: Realization "Feedback Survey"

    1. Stage 2: Decision "What and Why" Lesson

    2. Stage 2: Decision "How to Solve" Lesson

    3. Stage 2: Decision "Take Action" Lesson

    4. Stage 2: Decision "Story Time"

    5. Stage 2: Decision "Feedback Survey"

    1. Stage 3: Plan "What and Why" Lesson

    2. Stage 3: Plan "How to Solve" Lesson

    3. Stage 3: Plan "Take Action" Lesson

    4. Stage 3: Plan "Story Time"

    5. Stage 3: Plan "Feedback Survey"

    1. Stage 4: Leap "What and Why" Lesson

    2. Stage 4: Leap "How to Solve" Lesson

    3. Stage 4: Leap "Take Action" Lesson

    4. Stage 4: Leap "Story Time"

    5. Stage 4: Leap "Feedback Survey"

    1. More travel planning resources for you

    2. Congrats! Here's what's next...

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Details about this course

  • $67.00
  • 18 compelling video lessons
  • 8 rich assignments & activations
  • 2 workbooks (PDF download)

IMAGINE, wouldn't it feel good to...

Follow your curiosity to travel? The sweet relief of a calmer you in a new part of the world. Travel Alchemy will give you the clarity, community, and support you need to confidently say YES! to travel. You'll learn:

  • Four step process

    to travel transformation. A clear roadmap that works, taking you from "burnout" to "the leap" to book your trip with ease.

  • Mindset mapping

    to "unlearn" old limiting beliefs about your self-care and wellness and build up new expansive beliefs and behaviors.

  • Journaling prompts & rich assignments

    to activate your personal power, get you back into a high vibe state and ready to create a juicy travel experience.

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